ZERO Initial Costs ! + Monthly Fee only ¥45,000!
Simple Monthly Fee Plan

Other companies may charge hundreds of thousands or yen or more to design and develop a website. And then will charge additional fees for redesigning and updating as your business needs change. Moreover, you may have to deal with new designers as they come and go from companies and face hard to understand additional charges.

At JOINTANET you can rest assured that there are no hidden additional charges over the monthly fee of 45,000 yen and you will be dealing with the same reliable people. Moreover there are NO costs for initial design and development. And all server costs are also included in this monthly fee.

We at JOINTANET believe that your web site plays an important role in your business. And as your business grows and changes, there is real value in updating the look and contents of your website as well. That is why we don't just create a website and simply hand it over, with our monthly fee service we promise to keep working with you to make your site the best it can be.

Contracts are renewed very month. We have confidence in what we are doing and see no reason to tie up customers in long term contracts.

Additional Service and Fees

  • Domain Registration and Maintenance Fees
    The domain name ( you select for your business is important as is the place where you store your web site. Please feel free to register and maintain your own domain or contract with other sources. Of course we can also take care of these matters for customers. In addition to our monthly charge we will charge a yearly domain registration and maintenance fee (between 1,000 and 4,000 yen)
  • On-Site Support Costs <br> f it becomes necessary for us to make frequent trips to customers who are far away we will charge for transportation fees. <br> We strongly believe that face-to-face meetings are the best way to communicate. But due to time and scheduling the above monthly service fee is based on having meetings and discussions via e-mail, telephone, and video conference. Although it may be difficult to actually meet and talk in person we will make every effort to use such online services asGoogle HangoutsSkypeto carry out effective communication
  • Additional Fees for Online Shops <br> Please note that for customers wishing to create and maintain and online shop that additional fees above the basic monthly fee are necessary. The amount of these fees will depend upon the contents, including the size of the shop and what kind of goods and /or services will be sold there.


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Tel:  +81-908-382-5207

Business Details: Internet / Web System Consulting, Design, Development, Management and Maintenance

Noboru Yamabe

Representative: Noboru Yamabe