A Facebook Page for your Business may be Helpful but is it Really Enough?

A Facebook Page for your Business may be Helpful but is it Really Enough?

Creating a Facebook page under your business's name is like renting a space/booth for free at the world's largest event being held by a company known across the world. Moreover this event is open to the public 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Although percentages vary with age and place, this gathering spot boasts participants of about 25 million people in Japan and over 1.79 billion people worldwide who come to meet, chat, discover and share.

This event offers grand opportunities for any and all businesses to introduce and shake hands with an amazing number of people. Why not get a "booth" at this grand event? If you haven't already opened an account and started a Facebook page, the time is now! Start sharing your business's products and services with visitors who come to the world's largest meeting and market place.

But danger lies in thinking that just because you opened a page people will come and your message will be heard. Don't become dependent on Facebook to drive your important message.


Create a Internet Presence with Your Own Domain

It is important to keep in mind that your business Facebook page is nothing more than space/booth rented for free on a huge Internet event called Facebook. This event run has constantly changing administrative policies and rules decided by the management, i.e.Facebook. And, as long as you are borrowing a space there you must constantly follow these changes and adapt your page accordingly.

Even after periods of amazing rapid growth, Facebook continues to grow and expand. And although it may be hard to imagine, there may be a day soon where it looses impact, breaks apart, or morphs into something different.

Besides having this space/booth on Facebook, it is essential for you to create a Internet presence that is truly your own. And that can only be done by building, setting up and controlling your own "main store/office" in the form of a domain with your business's name. By purchasing a domain and building your own "main store/office" you are free to publish and share your official information as you like, without control by others. It this age of information, independence and creative freedom are essential to creating impact.

JOINTANET offers the support you need to make the best utilization of both your own website and Facebook page so that YOUR message reaches YOUR audience.


The Limits of Expression on Facebook

As you may well know, a Facebook business page will look a lot like what you see below: Facebook page

The upper heading is always the familiar Facebook logo and blue color. Below that is a Facebook determined one-size-fits-all space for a banner graphic/photo. The background is light blue in color and on the right you will find ads and products from other companies. On such a standardized type of page with limited ways to express your message, is it really possible to show your originality and draw people to your business, product or service?

With your own domain and website it is possible to use text, graphics, photos, video, and sound as you wish to create and control the message you wish to share. With your own website, you are free to select the background color, the layout and style you wish. You can decide which video to use, what music to include, what size pictures you upload and which font you write your message in. It is up to you to decide and manage the way you want to communicate with your audience and sell your goods and services.

We at JOINTANET will help you use this freedom to create the kind of website you want your audience to experience.


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