Businesses Grow and Change Make Sure Your Web Site Grows and Changes with You!


Website Planning and Production

Website Planning and Production
for PC, Tablet and Mobile

We strive to provide the closest thing to a "real" experience of what your business is about. We will work hard to make sure your website visitors feel like they are getting an in store/office experience. We promise to make every effort to fully grasp your message and style in order to create a website that brings your dream to life. These ideas are what make up JOINTANET's philosophy and approach to work.

These days people are no longer getting their info from a screen on their desktop, but more often they are taking a screen from their pocket or their bag and getting info on the go. Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop - No matter the platform or size we will create a website that is not only easy to view but user friendly.

Advice and Support to Make the Best of your Site

Advice and Support to Make the Best of your Site

To make sure that your message stays fresh and reflects changes in your business needs and goals, it is necessary to constantly re-think and make changes so that you can get the best use of your site.

JOINTANET makes sure that the websites we create can be easily updated by the owner. Whether you need to upload new graphics or photos or rewrite certain contents we make it a snap to do. And of course we explain those procedures as well as give technical advice when needed. We will support you in every way we can to make sure your website is effective and you are using it to get the results you are looking for.

Website Visitor Behavior and Trend Analysis Reports

Website Visitor Behavior and Trend Analysis Reports

No matter how cool your site design may be, the meaning is lost if it is not being updated and improved to meet your visitors behavior and needs. Just making changes without understanding what it is that needs changing does not help improve traffic. But for places like a website, where you can't see the visitors faces, On what can you base your ideas for improving or enhancing your site?

  • How many people actually visited your site yesterday?
  • Where are your visitors from?
  • Which pages on your site do people spend time on?
  • What is the last place people look before they leave your site?

From this kind of visitor generated data, it is possible for website owners to glean all kinds of important information on which decisions can be made. The most important step is analyzing this data and making it understandable; grasping what your visitor's are looking for and their behaviors. Based on this you can make meaningful changes to improve the effectiveness of your site.

We at Jointanet will make all of this easier by providing a monthly digest report with analysis of the essential points you need to see; and offer advice about how we can improve traffic and website effectiveness.

Linkage with Facebook, Instagram and other SNS

Linkage with Facebook, Instagram and other SNS

Even in this modern world, businesses still rely on person-to-person "word-of-mouth" interaction to broaden their scope and customer base. Facebook and other social networks, if utilized properly, are great gathering places for this kind of promotion. It is easy to put up a Facebook page or start a social networking account, but it remains difficult in making it a useful promotional tool to broaden and improve your customer base.

We will make sure to keep up with what is new in the world of social networking and make every effort to create a strong and interconnected WEBSITE-SNS presence

A Facebook Page for your Business may be Helpful but is it Really Enough? by Jointanet


ZERO Initial Costs ! + Monthly Fee only ¥45,000!
Simple Monthly Fee Plan

Other companies may charge hundreds of thousands or yen or more to design and develop a website. And then will charge additional fees for redesigning and updating as your business needs change. Moreover, you may have to deal with new designers as they come and go from companies and face hard to understand additional charges.

At JOINTANET you can rest assured that there are no hidden additional charges over the monthly fee of 45,000 yen and you will be dealing with the same reliable people. Moreover there are NO costs for initial desig…

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We also offer strong support for those looking for a multi-lingual presence in the international marketplace, whether you are a Japanese company looking to enter an overseas market or an overseas company looking to make a stand in the Japanese market. Creating multilingual websites is one our strong points .


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